W.I.P. Wednesday

I have three projects on needles right now. I am making a larger orange silk Norwegian Baby Cap for Méabh as she has outgrown her pink one, and a Noro sweater for myself.  (ok, but I am making mine out of Boku, because I have a ton of it.) The sweater is extremely easy and it is what I carry with me for knitting during movies, while driving, reading, etc.

But today I am trying to finish Chris’ seed stitch beanie. This is the second one I have made because he lost the first one last year. He claims it was an accident and he really wanted a new one. Here is a picture I took of him just now modeling it:

  Doesn’t he look excited that it is almost done?!? I have been trying it on him day after day, and always it has been too small. As you can see, today it is too big, so I just frogged 10 rows! Now to begin reducing!
I wrote the pattern myself. Here it is!:
Christophers’ Awesome Seed Stitch Beanie Hat
Worsted weight wool (Malabrigo)
1 16″ circular needle, size 7
one set of double pointeds, size 7
stitch markers
Gauge: (approximate) 4 or 4.5 sts. to the inch
Directions: Cast on 84 stitches on circular needles.Work 5.5″ (or as desired) in seed stitch (round 1: k1, p1 for entire round; round 2: p1, k1 for entire round). Then put a stitch marker after every 12th stitch.
Reduction rows: (switch to double pointed needles when necessary) *K2 tog. before each marker, knit one round plain* 4 times, then K2 tog before marker on every round until there are seven stitches left on the needle.  (as I reduce, I adjust seed stitch. There is probably a better way to do this, I just don’t know it yet). Break off yarn, leaving a fairly long tail. Draw tail through remaining 7 st, pull firmly, and draw through to inside of hat.
Place on man.
Friend me on Ravelry, I am MidwifeMelanie.
What’s your W.I.P. ?

Author: thewitchmama

Melanie Elizabeth Hexen is a midwife, regionally famous bellydancer, homeschooling mother and matriarch of the Many Hands House. She has been a witch for 25 years, and her belief system is currently based on the writings of Terry Pratchett and the teachings of Steven Posch. With her coven, the Prärie Hexen, she is creating the Hexen Tradition of Witchcraft.

3 thoughts on “W.I.P. Wednesday”

  1. I have no knitting WIPs ::cry:: 😦 But I have a ton of spinning and sewing to do for a craft fair so knitting has to wait… le sigh.

    Although this made me realize I should perhaps start a hat for Eddie so that it might get done before Christmas this year 😛


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