Dodecahedron Paper Lantern Instructions

After scouring the internet to find instructions for making these, and finding very little, I thought I would write my own. Here goes:


  3 watercolor paintings done in “wet on wet” fashion
  school glue

1. Make a pentagram pattern out of cardboard. It must be a perfect pentagram. This was probably the most difficult part of the process!

We found this link helpful and fun!
If you have a printer,  this link will do the trick.

2.  Trace 11 pentagons onto your paintings and cut them out.

3. Inside of your pentagons, draw another angled pentagon, with its points in the exact middle of the larger shapes straight sides, so that you can fold the points down.

4. Fold all the points over.

5. Glue the shapes to each other, starting from the base. We used school glue applied with a paintbrush.
When you get to the top opening, make sure and glue those points down too to make the star affect when lit.

I found these links helpful as well:

And apparently, the complete instructions can be found in this book.
Put a votive candle inside your lanterns to see the stars!