Waiting for Bees

 I have wanted to be a bee keeper for as long as I can remember. I bought this book when I was seven years old.

  We bought bees when we first moved out to the country. We have had from 1 to 3 hives at a time. But the last few years I have slacked off on my bee keeping. Doing only the bare minimum needed to keep our last hive going. Honestly, they don’t need much!

  So this year we ordered two new bee packages from Ebert Honey. They will arrive April 22. Today I started getting their new homes ready!

My to – do list

Gathering and checking the equipment.

The old hives, waiting for make overs.

The chosen boxes, in the staging area

Painting the base.

Strong for the revolution. 

Old frames to be scraped, re-wired and waxed.

I had hoped to do a tutorial, but there are so many already available! Just do a google search for “How To Keep Bees”. My favorite book on the topic is A Book of Bees by Sue Hubbell. You should read it, and any other book by her, even if you aren’t a beekeeper!
  While scraping the frames I cut myself pretty good. I know I should wear work gloves, but then I can’t feel anything. When I stuck my finger in my mouth it tasted like blood and honey, and I thought, cool coven name….

  There’s a lot left to do, but we got a good head start today.