Baby Chickens, Organics and Wine!

What a morning!

  Chris is off being famous this weekend at Paganicon. And we have been so busy here. At 6 am, Wolfie curls up in bed with me and Méabh, asking me to read Children of the Forest. He asks where we are going today, and I say, smiling, “No where. It’s a ‘do nothing day’! No sooner are the words out of my mouth than the phone rings. “Hi, this is the Milan, IL post office, and we have 25 baby chicks waiting for you.” I can hear them peeping in the background. Wrong post office, wrong delivery week.  

  Ok, everyone in the car. An hour later we gets our sweet little chicks. Here is what we ordered from Murray McMurray Hatchery:

8 Buff Orpingtons

7 Barred Rocks

4 Black Australorps

2 White Polish

Salmon Favorelles

2 Araucanas



and one FREE rare exotic chick. 



That exotic chick sure is mysterious. I totally identify with her, so she lives in my bra. They are all adorable. All our residual grumpiness lifts away. 


On the way home, Rhiannon reminds me she needs dropped off at her friends house. And I remember that the organic section at nearby Jeff’s Market is 75% off. So I buy $220.00 worth of groceries for for $61.43 (and some cheap Barefoot Shiraz). Now, how do we stop ourselves from gorging on it?



And then, as I am carrying out my massive cereal cache, I see a table of wine. “What is this?” I turn and ask the check out girl. “A wine tasting.” “Is it after noon?” I ask? No- oh well. A wine tasting at Wilton, Iowa’s Jeff’s Market? At 11 AM?  I don’t even care of it’s noon, I’m in! 


I get suckered in by a cute older man with clothes far cleaner than mine. He grows the grapes himself about twenty miles south of here in Muscatine. The sweet blackberry wine tastes to me like cough syrup (think Amana) but the dry red is dark and mysterious. I buy a bottle of “Commission Man in Red” from Ardon Creek for $17.00.


I go back to the van. 7 children, 25 chickens, and two bottles of wine. Saturday, you are mine.

Maybe I’ll post a drunken blog rant tonight. Check back and see.