The Oldest Tribe of Gods

These ideas are first and best articulated by Steven Posch, so please go there just as soon as you can.  Ask him if he has any copies available of his book, Lost Gods of the Witches.  For now, I’ll give you the five-cent tour.

Just for a moment, look away from your computer screen, and out a window.  I want to introduce you to the pantheon that I worship.

See the ground outside, frosty or fertile?  Know that I call Her Earth, Mother of us all.
Is it day?  Then see the god I call Sun, welcome friend in winter.
If it’s night, maybe you gaze at Moon, most beautiful.
And all the trees and grass and plants of the world are Green, and you and me and your cat and birds and deer and all animals are, literally are, the god Horn.
And Storm, and Fire and the four Winds and Sea.

They were here long, long before me, and will be here long, long after.  I ask nothing from them, since They have already given everything that I am.

They are both gorgeous and terrifying, and show us many faces.  Oh, so you don’t like my He’s and She’s?  Have you got a different idea?  Good!  Let’s hear your stories about Them.