Our seeds came in the mail today. We ordered from Seed Savers. Seed Savers is a really cool farm in Decorah, Iowa, that grows and sells heirloom seeds. It also has a historic orchard, visitor center, museum, heirloom animals, trails, concerts, all sorts of fun! 

Here is what we got:

Lettuce mixture
sunflower mixture
Burgess buttercup squash
jalapeño traveler strain
purple dark opal basil
Danvers carrots
early scarlet globe radish
five-color silverbeet chard
mini red bell peppers
Detroit dark red beets
cornfield pumpkin squash

 We also have our perennial beds of strawberries, asparagus, rhubarb, and we’re planting three new grape vines.

  I received a gift copy of Stella Natura: Working With Cosmic Rhythms. I am excited to incorporate Biodynamic rhythems to our planting and harvesting.

  We have never been “good” gardeners. I try to get out to the garden everyday. I figure everything I garden is something I don’t mow!

And if your looking for some more serious inspiration, check out The Mad Farmers (named for this poem) at the Davenport farmer’s Market, folks I am lucky to know.