Homeschool Fall 2013

 Planning this year’s homeschool. This year both Rhiannon (17) and Morgan Finn (12) have decided to do public school, so I’m down to three children at home – Méabh (4); Wolfie (7): and Archer (15).

 Méabh is way to young for any formal schooling. I would like to get her some language resources for her special needs.

  Wolfie is ready for homeschool Waldorf kindergarten. So delightful. I have all the Oak Meadow curriculum so we’ll be using that (although I frequently fantasize about buying Live Ed!).
Alphabet stories
form drawing
book making
shoe tying
outside time

  I am excited to do high school with Archer. He’ll be using compass on line for core subjects, and we’ll be adding some of our own. I really enjoy working with my highschoolers because I learn along with them!
Compass (on line)
To Kill A Mockingbird

  What are your homeschool plans?

Author: thewitchmama

Melanie Elizabeth Hexen is a midwife, regionally famous bellydancer, homeschooling mother and matriarch of the Many Hands House. She has been a witch for 25 years, and her belief system is currently based on the writings of Terry Pratchett and the teachings of Steven Posch. With her coven, the Prärie Hexen, she is creating the Hexen Tradition of Witchcraft.

8 thoughts on “Homeschool Fall 2013”

  1. Don't be nervous! Waldorf kindergarten is about learning the cycles of the day and the seasons. Sing songs together! Make a nature table. And don't compare your child to mainstream children!
    Do you belong to any groups, even online? There is a Waldorf yahoo group and a few on FB.


  2. We also have the Oak Meadow curriculum. It seems pretty good, I did throw out the crappy christian music cd that came with it, and will pick and choose activities I like from the books. Liliona (5yrs) has just learned how to spin on a drop spindle- so I foresee some finger knitting for her this fall. We also love making felt 'paintings' and are doing one for each of the seasons (started with spring). She is also going to be taking violin lessons. We read a lot, and do a bit of reading in Spanish too, I love the idea of an extended vacation to Costa Rica as some time to teach the littles Spanish, swimming in the ocean, and of course cultural experience. We'll see- I might have to put that one off till next year 😉


  3. I'm creating our own curriculum as that seems to work best. I follow Waldorf methods and have used OM for 5 years and Enki 1 year. I am ready for a break from OM. We focus on movement, folk songs, language (Spanish), art of all forms, all the basics, as well culinary, computer and carpenter skills. We use BrainQuest workbooks for language skills and our handwriting curriculum is from Handwriting without Tears. I will tap into OM or Enki for inspiration. We are also starting the Young Person's School of Magic and Mystery series and will have witch school on Fridays. We are looking into converting a bus into a camper and may end up traveling more. I've pulled myself back home so I can be fully present to school my little ones. It is hard at times, when ambitions rear up, so I've learned to choose wisely. It helps that nothing of any personal interest is happening in my area anyway.


  4. Melanie, I am so excited to see you blogging again! We are in the midst of slowly beginning our “school” rhythm with 4 at home and 1 in high school. I use “A Journey Through Waldorf Homeschooling” as a base line for curriculum and ideas, but we tend to a lot of unschooling as well. On the plate right now: a baking unit with Charles; the blueberry muffins are in the oven as I write, local history and geography, knitting, painting, German, botanical drawing, algebra, calligraphy, Old Testament stories…and kindergarten with my littlest.
    Gaia Sophia: I have had to do the same thing with work, and it is hard. I am an independent contractor, so I turn down exciting assignments because my first priority needs to be, as you so nicely put it, “being fully present to my kids.”
    Can't wait to read more, Melanie; you are always inspiring!


  5. I desperately want to homeschool Gabriel, but I just don't have the patience necessary for teaching. I know that might sound self-defeating or like maybe I'm not qualified for parenting (at least to me it does), but it's just true and it makes me sad. I would do almost anything to keep him out of public school. I wouldn't mind a Montessori school, but they have crazy long waiting lists and are out of our financial reach. I'm very sad about kindergarten's rapid approach because short of a gods-crafted miracle, he's going to the local PS and I feel like I've failed him.


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