PSG 2012 Planning (5 days to go)

     Frebur, here.
     I attended my first PSG in 1995, accompanying the one and only Sparky T. Rabbit.  That innocent trip to Eagle Cave in Wisconsin my life changed forever.
I was, at the time, engaged to a religiously tolerant Catholic woman (!).  We were getting ready to settle into a quiet suburban life with no kids (!!!!!!!), and with my altar tucked away in a dresser drawer.
     PSG was a huge culture shock at first.  It did not feel like “coming home”; it felt like landing on Mars.  But after getting to know the wonderful people there, and after living in a culture of such kindness, freedom, and creativity, PSG had me under its spell.  I remember one evening, lounging in the grass at an outdoor feast, music wafting in the air, watching women dance ballet at the edge of the trees (I think one of them was named Melanie, maybe…).  After moments like this, I knew that my body could go home, but my heart would always stay.
   And the rest, as they say, is history. 

Author: thewitchmama

Melanie Elizabeth Hexen is a midwife, regionally famous bellydancer, homeschooling mother and matriarch of the Many Hands House. She has been a witch for 25 years, and her belief system is currently based on the writings of Terry Pratchett and the teachings of Steven Posch. With her coven, the Prärie Hexen, she is creating the Hexen Tradition of Witchcraft.

2 thoughts on “PSG 2012 Planning (5 days to go)”

  1. I remember that year very clearly. You were a wonderful breath of air, a lovely friend for the other Chris to connect with, and, as it turned out, a nice addition to the life of the woman I was camping with.

    It's a funny ol' world, isn't it?


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