First Fire

A Charm for Fire in Winter

Loudly she roars, Lung-Spear,

screaming wind, spitting ice.

Rise up, o Fire,

shield us from Her rage.

Come, o spark,

rise up from your bed,

made from the Green God’s hair.

Come, o flame,

rise up from your bench,

made from the Green God’s bones.

Come, o fire,

rise out of your hall,

made from the Green God’s limbs.

Roar, o blaze!

Answer her wrath,

and keep us ’til Sun’s return.

Author: thewitchmama

Melanie Elizabeth Hexen is a midwife, regionally famous bellydancer, homeschooling mother and matriarch of the Many Hands House. She has been a witch for 25 years, and her belief system is currently based on the writings of Terry Pratchett and the teachings of Steven Posch. With her coven, the Prärie Hexen, she is creating the Hexen Tradition of Witchcraft.

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