Night-time blessings

Melanie’s blessing:

Mother Night,

Let (him/her) run in your fields of darkness,

drink from the cup of your milky moon,

cradle (him/her) in a blanket of stars,

and, when you depart,

may the rising Sun kiss their waking brow.

Chris’ blessing:

Night has fallen,

Day has flown,

Holy Hammer guard this home.

From trolls and giants,

Thor, do keep our family safe,

so we can sleep.

First Fire

A Charm for Fire in Winter

Loudly she roars, Lung-Spear,

screaming wind, spitting ice.

Rise up, o Fire,

shield us from Her rage.

Come, o spark,

rise up from your bed,

made from the Green God’s hair.

Come, o flame,

rise up from your bench,

made from the Green God’s bones.

Come, o fire,

rise out of your hall,

made from the Green God’s limbs.

Roar, o blaze!

Answer her wrath,

and keep us ’til Sun’s return.